Keyart by Kuraberry
The Time Commander homepage


The Project

I was tasked with designing a page to support the BBC Time commanders TV program. It would need to fit into the new look and feel that Creative Assembly was using for Total War’s online presence. The main aim of the page was to give viewers of the Television program a point to find out more information on the games used. The ultimate goal for Creative Assembly was to sell more copies of these games.

The Challenges

Like the product page, the style of the site had already been established, so although I had the freedom to innovate, it still had to fit current style. The main challenge was to build something that was engaging.

Skills used

I mainly used design and frontend skills in this development, with some Wordpress when doing the implementation. The bulk of the design work was carried out in Sketch, with some artwork done in photoshop.


The series was all about reenacting great battles, that was fought by great leaders, I wanted to put these characters front and centre. For this reason, I build the site with an introduction to what is time commanders section, and to allow the trailer be added.

The next section of the page focused on the main idea of each character. The program was going to use three era's of history, around three famous commanders Attila, Caesar and Napoleon. These characters took front and centre in this section, selecting one would navigate you to the game for that era. This section was designed to be very engaging with large, high-quality key art picture of each commander, along with the game logo for the game that represents their era of history.

The next three sections wherein affect pushers for each of the games, they included key art, screenshots and a brief product description. These sections also included the main two call to actions, allowing the user to find more information on the game or to buy the game directly. It was this section that was going to serve the main purpose of converting the user's engagement to revenue.

The last section of the page was a push back to the BBC and the time commanders program, with a summary of the latest logo and a link to watch it on demand.

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