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Martin's wealth of experience really shines when it comes to planning the development and delivery of large and complex projects. He understands the needs of his clients and how to balance that against the requirements of the business. He is a great mind and personality to work with; combining his vast technical knowledge of web with his ability to communicate with creative clients. I found him very supportive with plenty of useful advice. It has been a pleasure to work with Martin and I always feel confident that he will deliver exactly what I want.

Martin was the standout candidate when we were looking to expand the new web development team at The Creative Assembly for which I was the Lead Web Developer until my departure in 2015.

One of the immediate aspects of Martin's application was the overwhelming passion he displayed for developing innovative solutions which not only ticked all the right technical boxes but also, perhaps more importantly, put the user and their experience first.

Throughout our time working at The Creative Assembly, together with the Dev Ops Manager, another web developer and the rest of the IT team, Martin continually proved himself to be an extremely affable and complimentary team player who always listened to other people’s ideas, helping develop them when necessary and providing guidance and support where needed. His time keeping was not only exemplary but also considerate to the project, choosing to work additional hours if required.

There’s little point listing all of the technologies Martin is adept with; it’s quicker to list those which he isn’t.

The best illustration of his talents was his single-handed development of an in-game encyclopaedia for the studio’s flagship title, Total War, taking over and rebooting a failed external contract. Martin successfully levered Angular 1, Node JS, CouchDB, Pouch DB, Grunt, Bower and AWS to deliver a full-stack solution that was delivered ahead of schedule and surpassed all expectations.

There was never any doubt in Martin’s credentials to succeed me as Lead Web Developer and he will undoubtedly enhance any future projects he works on.

In summary, hire him.

Martin is a level-headed developer with great knowledge of the large pile of development tools and services at his disposal. He has a knack for spotting problems before they materialise, or simply working around them with ease. On top of this talent, he can explain his work and ideas in language anyone can understand. A great person to have on any development team

Martin is a diligent and well apportioned developer, watching him grow at videojuicer was a pleasure, he was always great to work with.

Martin is the epitome of a level-headed, perennial good-humoured and supportive engineer. Every project he touches is approached with care and a deep respect for the stakeholders and customers at play. He consistently makes excellent technical and process choices and does so with the absolute minimum of fuss or ceremony. I loved working with Martin and could not recommend him more highly.

I cannot recommend Martin Haynes highly enough. One of the best web developers I've worked with, Martin has an enormous breadth of expertise and knowledge across all facets of online architecture.

Almost more impressive, however, is his ability to think creatively about problems, his ability to self-manage and self-start, and his commitment to the team. As his colleagues attest, many times he's gone the extra mile or worked the extra hours in order to pull a project back on track, and always with good humour and intelligence.

He's not just a great developer, he's a great guy, and I'd have him on my staff any time.

Martin is an extremely intelligent and pragmatic engineer with a phenomenal knack for tasteful, practical solutions to tough problems. He's never afraid to pick up - and run with - something new, and you can be absolutely assured that he will maintain crystal-clear lines of communication as he goes.

He is an aesthete and a craftsman. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Working with Martin in the dev team for the past year has been a pleasure. Martin is a real team worker and a great problem solver. He's always available to help with any issues and can always rely on the quality of this work.

Hope to work with him again in the future.

Martin is a brilliant developer, who is willing to work over hours to get all demands of employers and clients done to absolute perfection. He is always happy to help no matter what the requests are and is a very positive person. It would be a pleasure to work with Martin again.



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